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$55 million in Energy Efficiency Rebates for Albertan Businesses  

Emissions Reduction Alberta has kicked off the Energy Savings for Business (ESB) program Feb 01, 2021. It has set aside $55 million for small and mid sized Albertan businesses available on a first come, first served basisIt offers rebates of up to $250,000 per project or $500,000 per business.  

Offerings include: 

  • Up to 25% rebate for converting your old lighting to LED 
  • Up to 50% rebate for installing lighting controls and sensors 
  • Up to 25% rebate for solar installs 
  • Up to 50% rebate for more efficient motors and controllers 
  • Up to 50% rebate for Combined Heat and Power systems
  • It will also reimburse some of the cost of energy audits.   
  • And so much more 

We can create a customized energy efficiency plan that helps you lower your environmental footprint and electricity bills by up to 50%. Energy efficiency is the best investment available to businesses and with a ROI in as little as 2 years – it is the best way to make your business leaner and cleaner! 

We’re an authorized Energy Savings for Business contractor and we can help make your rebate application quick and easy. Inquire more with us at More information about the ESB program:

We’re Origin Energy, and we’re helping you power brighter communities.  


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