Blower Door Test

We aid in meeting the required standard and making your home “breathe” seemlessly!

Benefits of a Blower Door Test

In the past conventional wisdom was that homes needed to “breathe”. Modern building sciences recognize that homes that allow air to leak are not efficient.

Home energy auditors use blower doors tests to determine how much air is entering and escaping your home.

The airtightness of a house might affect its efficiency as well as the well-being and comfort of the occupants. Air infiltration can account for a significant amount of heat loss through the building envelope.

Auditors use a blower door test to assess how many air changes your homes sees per hour or the equivalent leakage area in millimeters or centimeters. The test makes up a part of an NRCan EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation and help identify upgrade measures to reduce energy consumption. The larger the leakage area, greater potential for reducing overall energy consumption.

Reasons for a blower door test:

  • Reduce excess energy consumption due to air leakage
  • Mitigate moisture and condensation issues
  • Minimizing uncomfortable drafts
  • Sizing heating and cooling equipment
  • Controlling environmental pollutants

Construction Blower Door Test:

A blower door test isn’t just for determining and improving the efficiency of an older home. 

A Construction Blower Door Service helps builders and renovators improve the airtightness of houses during construction or during a renovation. This is done by performing the airtightness test and identify air leakage after the air barrier is in place and before the drywall goes up.  That way it is much easier to fix air leakage problems while the air barrier is easily accessible.

We can also help builders meet energy efficiency building standards and provide new homes with EnerGuide ratings.


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