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If you’re planning a renovation this year to make your home warmer during the winter months, cooler in the summer, or just more energy efficient all around, this is the year to do it. The Federal government has launched a new program called the Canada Greener Homes Grant to help homeowners like you be part of the solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Details about the Energy Efficiency Renovation Grant

Here’s what you need to know about the Canada Greener Homes Grant:

• Homeowners can qualify for up to $600, for both a pre and post evaluation of your home. Energy advisors qualify for the evaluation, and this is only reimbursed once both have been completed.

• Once you have an idea of your plans, you can receive up to $5,000 total to make the retrofits to your home.

• The Federal Government is also offering homeowners an interest free loan program, of up to $40,000 to help with these changes.

What Qualifies

Here’s what you can upgrade in your home, and how much qualifies under the grant.
Please note: there are specific criteria you have to meet to be eligible for these amounts, which is why you need the pre and post evaluation to ensure you met those requirements.

• Home insulation for your attic/ceiling, exterior walls, exposed floors, basements, foundations and crawl spaces (up to $5,000)

• Air-sealing to reduce those pesky drafts and reinforce your home’s envelope (up to $1,000)

• Windows and doors that you replace with Energy Star certified models (up to $5,000)

• Smart thermostats like NEST to manage energy in your home. This has to be combined with another retrofit (up to $50).

• Replace or upgrade your furnaces and other equipment to become more energy efficient ($5,000)

• Solar Panels are covered as a renewably energy source for your home (up to $5,000)

What do I need to do to get started

To make the most of improving your home’s building envelope, heating, and solar energy, you need to:

  1. Pre-register with Origin Energy for auditor recommendations and to install your upgrades
  2. Register for the Federal program > Register Here
  3. Call your energy auditor and give them your registration number
  4. Once the pre-audit is completed, choose the items you will upgrade
  5. Once signed off, send you Origin Energy representative an email and we’ll take it from there

Still have questions? You can contact us and we’ll happily answer your questions.


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