Business LED Retrofit Service

Converting your existing fluorescent or high-intensity discharge lighting to LED is a great way for your business to save money and lower your environmental footprint.

Save Money Fast with LED Lighting!

A business that converts 118 fixtures would save*:

  • $59,911.10 in five years
  • $6,772.96 in electricity per year
  • $5,209.26 in maintenance per year

The upgrade would pay for itself (see an ROI) in 1.5 years and may be eligible for an Energy Efficiency Alberta Business Energy Savings Rebate of $3,301.00. Origin can complete the rebate program application on your behalf.

Financing Available

We’re happy to offer financing through ATB Financial, so you can pay off the installation costs from your energy and maintenance savings**.

We are an electrical contractor that inspires confidence and offers peace of mind. Get in touch and we would be happy to answer your questions and provide a free estimate.

*Savings are estimates based on average use and electricity prices.
**Financing is provided by an independent financing institution. Offer is on approved credit and subject to the terms and conditions set by such institution.