Powering Brighter Communities – Imagine a world where energy efficiency is as investable as any other energy source.

Introducing enBloc

We’re creating a web-based platform that helps businesses adopt clean and energy-efficient technology. enBloc helps small manufacturers lower their electricity costs by 50% with no upfront cost. We make money by sharing a percentage of the savings. More importantly, it helps businesses lower their environmental footprint by well over a third.

Save money and do more with no upfront cost!

Enbloc funds your energy efficiency project

Our dashboard monitors energy consumption and savings in real-time

Our AI system maximizes your energy savings

Every year small Canadian manufacturers pay $60 million more for electricity than they need to. We fund your energy efficiency projects and work with affiliates to implement the retrofit. We want to improve access to clean technology by eliminating the financial barrier. We’re building a system that helps small businesses become leaner, stronger and cleaner. Together we can power brighter communities.

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