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Power of Change Podcast [Episode 0  / Who We Are]

This is the first-ever episode of the Power of Change podcast. Join host Jason Gravelle as he discusses his journey and talks to the Origin Energy team. In future episodes, we will explore modern business, technology, and the experience of change.

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7 Reasons To Stay Positive About The World And Future


We’re constantly bombarded with fear and negativity on a daily basis. Whether it is news, politics, or COVID; it can be hard to keep your eyes off it. We tend to forget about the uplifting things in life – it gets lost in the 24-hour news cycle. As we kick off the Power of Change Podcast, we want to add levity and positive vibes to the segment and feature, 7 reasons to stay positive about the world and future!


Modern medicine will keep us healthy long into our old age. On average, we’ll live longer than anyone in history. [1]


A new space age is coming. You or your kids might even get to live in space! [2]


We are getting closer and closer to solving hunger and poverty. Even though it may not seem like it, the economic disparity between rich and poor countries is the least it has ever been. [3]


Artificial intelligence will redesign our world. Even though it seems like AI has a long way to before it has an impact on our day to day lives, the rate of AI development is accelerating fast and within our lifetime it will redefine the fundamentals of technology. … in a positive way of course!  [4]


The internet. This one that most of take for granted but the internet is the great equalizer.  More information is at our fingertips than ever before. And it’s available to almost all of us. Access is only going to get better and 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is added to the internet everyday. Soon, no matter where you live, what you can accomplish will almost be limitless.


COVID, yes I said COVID. Dealing with the pandemic forced us to come together as a global community. Despite geography, culture, politics and conflict. It shows us we have the ability to come together to solve big problems. To me, that means we can do so much more. 

And lastly, Seven

Jetpacks are coming baby… jetpacks.





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