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Power of Change Podcast [Episode 1  / A Modern Brand Identity]

In this episode we talk to branding experts about how branding is changing, how businesses are taking on social and political identities, and how we can market to those who matter. Join host Jason Gravelle as he discusses his journey and talks to the Origin Energy team. In future episodes, we will explore modern business, technology, and the experience of change.

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A Reflection on Brand Identity


On the surface, marketing it is a tool and method used to sell and promote a product or service whereas branding is the means of identification through name, symbols, and design.

To parrot the interviewees, consumers have become smarter and much more aware of what marketing and branding is in this modern, connected era. Think about yourself and your spending habits. We have the ability to research, familiarize, and pre-emptively make decisions about products and services before we even see an ad. If there is any kind of false claims, negative reviews, or any poor information regarding the product, service, or company, bet your ass that the modern consumer will pick this up and have it as ammo before talking to any salesperson! With that being said, we live and breathe marketing and branding whether we know it or not!

Here is a suggestion: live as authentically and honestly as you can. It will not only prove worthy for your peace of mind, but will serve you professionally and personally. Remember that in today’s connected world, detective work is at the tips of the fingers!


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